Monday, September 24, 2012

Mozzarella Cheese Class
 (1st Attempt)
I work in a 25 floor office building and every year we do a large United Way fundraising campaign.  This year I was selected to be in charge of our floors activities.  Our goal is to raise $12,000 (which is a 50% increase over last year) if we raise that amount by this Friday (9/28, which is also my birthday) I will be shaving my head.
Well for one of the activities I volunteered to teach a Mozzarella Class. I had never done one before but have shown some family members how to make it. So I thought it would be easy.  I limited the class to 20 people and was charging $25.  Well the class filled up really fast, so much so, I had to offer an extra class because I had close to 40 people wanting to go.   Below are the pictures from my first class.  My next class is on 10/3 and I have learned a few things I will do differently.
For this class I got a lot of stuff donated by a company that works for us.  I made the below bags to give to each student.  It included 1 rennet tablet, some citric acid, a thermometer, and a pair of playtex gloves for handling the hot curds.

The next picture you can see the set up.  I was a little over adventurous and tried to make 4 batches of cheese.  I figured 4-5 people per batch would allow each person to have some hands on experience.  The only problem was that I could not watch and help each team all the time.  But we had fun.  While the milk was warming I gave a short presentation on cheese making with some history and basics.  I also showed them some of the tools I use (cheese press, muslin cloth, etc...) I use for my hard cheeses. At the bottom of this post you can see a video of my little presentation.  As it turned out only one of the 4 batches turned out to be mozzarella like.  Another one after some work was able to be sliced, but the other two were more like spreads.  Not sure what happened, but it was bound to happen with an unfamiliar kitchen, and so much happening at one time.  The stove really through me off since I was not sure how hot the elements were getting.

A few of the people in my class trying to make some cheese.  You can see that most of them have their purple gloves on.

This is one groups that did not turn out.  One problem was that I was not very patient.  The were not getting a very good clean break so I had them put the pot back on the stove to warm it up since I was afraid it never got to the 90 degree temp.  But then I forgot about it for a little bit and it got to warm.  They were never able to get very good curds to form.

One of the groups

This group is the one that actually had their mozzarella turn out, except we were not able to get it very stretchy.  The strange thing was that at first it did not look like it was going to turn out.

I had a lot of fun doing the class and hope all the participants did too.   I think for my class on 10/3 I will only do two batches.  One that I am doing while the rest of the class works on the other one.  I think it was a little to much happening at once in a space not big enough for us.

All in All it was a great time.  I will be giving one of the people in the class a Mozzarella Kit from   I will post pictures of my 2nd class after is is over.  Thanks yo all that attended and I hope they have some success when they make some at home.


The Nicholes said...

You should start doing it on you own. I love fresh Mozzarella!!16

Michael Short said...

Looks like you did a GREAT job on prep and teaching of the clase. Well done.

Anonymous said...

It was a blast. So much fun and it tasted great. Ours looked fine at the begining, the teacher is a little critical :)


Kate said...

I had a great time in the 2nd class, Dannon! I tried a batch at home and it didn't go so well - I think I need to assess my stovetop temperatures before I try again! Will let you know how try #2 goes!